2023 Ram 1500 in Saskatchewan: Towing Guide

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2023 Ram 1500 (DS) Towing and Payload Charts

2023 Ram 1500 (DS) Towing and Payload Charts


Here are some important features to keep in mind when purchasing a Ram truck or van for the purpose of towing.

Engine & Transmission

The engine and transmission are at the heart of your truck’s towing and payload capacity. An engine with more horsepower and torque will increase the hauling power of your vehicle.

Axle Ratio

Find the right balance between towing power (higher axle ratio) and engine efficiency (lower axle ratio). Ram trucks and vans come with a variety of axle ratios to meet your towing needs.

Hitch Receiver Types

Class 1 receivers are rated for around 2,000 lb (907 kg) of towing capacity. Class 5 receivers can handle up to 23,000 lb (10,433 kg). Want to tow more weight? Go for a fifth‑wheel or gooseneck trailer.

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Wheel Drive System

4×2 systems send power to two of the four wheels. This leads to higher towing and payload capacities. 4×4 systems send power to all four wheels, providing greater control but more truck weight.

Cab Size

A smaller cab equals a lighter curb weight. That means you can tow a little bit more than a truck with a larger cab. But if you’re looking to pack in more people, a larger cab would be better.

Box Length

A shorter box usually has a lower curb weight, increasing the amount you can tow. If you’re towing a fifth‑wheel or gooseneck, you’ll want to consider a longer box to provide space for turning.

Ram Truck Utility

Hit the road with helpful tools at your disposal. From truck bed accessibility to trailering assistance, learn more about the exceptional roster of standard and available utility features found on Ram trucks.

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Technology to Help You Tow with Confidence

With the available towing technology Ram trucks have to offer, you can tow with assurance. Available features like the Rear Auto‑Level Air Suspension on heavy‑duty models, Active-LevelTM Four‑Corner Air Suspension on light‑duty models, a 360° Surround View Camera and an Electronic Brake Controller System all help you haul your load safely and securely.

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Your Towing Questions, Answered

Got questions about towing terms, our vehicles’ towing capabilities or what features affect towing before you buy? Then start here. It’s where we’ve answered some of the most common towing questions, so you can hit the road like a pro.

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2023 RAM 1500: TOWING FAQ

Horsepower (hp) is a measure of the power that an engine produces, or what it takes to move an object over a certain distance in a certain amount of time. In the simplest terms, horsepower measures the rate at which work is done. One unit of horsepower is the power required to raise a 33,000 lb object by one foot in a minute.

Payload capacity is the amount of weight your vehicle can carry, including passengers and cargo. It does not include the weight of the vehicle itself.

Towing capacity indicates how much your vehicle can tow, including the weight of the trailer itself.

To calculate your towing capacity, you’ll need to know your vehicle’s Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR), which is determined by the manufacturer, the weight of your vehicle (or curb weight), and the weight of any payload you’re carrying (passengers and cargo combined). Subtract the vehicle’s curb weight and payload weight from GCWR to find how much your vehicle can tow.

GVWR, or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, indicates the maximum operable weight of a vehicle, including all components of the vehicle itself as well as fuel, accessories, the driver and any passengers and cargo, but excluding all towing.

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