2022 Ram 2500 Contains Blind Spot Monitoring

October 28,2022

The new Ram 2500 comes standard with many great safety features, one of which is blind spot monitoring. This feature uses sensors to detect when another vehicle is in your blind spot and alerts you so you can change lanes safely. The Ram 2500's blind spot monitoring system detects when another vehicle is in your blind spot with the help of sensors. When this happens, an indicator light will turn on in the corresponding side mirror. You'll also see an icon in the instrument cluster. If you turn on your turn signal while there's a vehicle in your blind spot, you'll hear a warning chime. This system can be turned off by pressing a button on the instrument panel, but it's best to leave it on so you can avoid accidents. The great thing about the Ram 2500's blind spot monitoring system is that it comes standard on all models. This means you'll still get this critical safety feature even if you're not looking for a fully loaded truck. This heavy-duty truck comes with an impressive list of features. If you want to learn more about the 2022 Ram 2500, please contact Energy Dodge dealership. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and get your hands on this fantastic vehicle.