2022 RAM 1500’s Safety Features

September 2,2022

Safety feature enhancements in the 2022 RAM 1500 models are telling of how dedicated the manufacturers are to deliver security. These RAM 1500 trucks stand out from the crowd with exclusive security and safety systems. Starting with the anti-lock brakes, the 2022 RAM 1500 has highly-sensitive sensors to detect the impact of extreme braking on the ABS brakes. The pressure is modulated to keep the tire rotating. A Forward Collision Warning System complements these high-tech brakes by alerting the driver before impact. The system is capable of applying full brakes without waiting for the driver's attention. Protecting the truck from behind is the Blind-Spot Detection System installed for changing lanes safely. You can navigate blind spots while towing a heavy load such as a trailer. The system uses a Trailer Detection feature to include the trailer within the range, so lane changing becomes safer even with an extra load. Another advanced system responsible for enhancing the 2022 RAM 1500's safety is the 360-degree Surround View System. The camera captures everything around your truck and shows a single panoramic view of the surroundings. You can navigate through any obstacle with this 360-degree camera. Another feature is the safe distance management that utilizes the Adaptive Cruise Control system. When the truck gets too close to a vehicle ahead, the system applies the brakes and can virtually stop the vehicle. Learn more about the fascinating safety features of the 2022 RAM 1500 trucks today. Get in touch with Energy Dodge!