2022 RAM 1500 Offers a Reimagined Entertainment Experience in Kindersley

August 29,2022

2022 RAM 1500 has taken personalized entertainment to the next level by upgrading the User Experience (UX) features of Uconnect® 5 and bringing the comforts of home to your vehicle. The Uconnect® 5 infotainment system in the 2022 RAM 1500 has three screen styles: landscape, portrait, and square. The Stellantis UX design team came up with detailed backdrops to match the interior colors of the vehicle to accommodate all screen styles. The makers have spent time finalizing the screen’s angle, edges, and depth to provide the best viewing experience for all passengers. The result is a familiar feel of an exclusive home screen where you enjoy quality time with family and friends! 2022 RAM 1500’s Uconnect® 5 system features customizable profiles for all users. Family members can personalize their profiles and set music and vehicle operation preferences. The Uconnect® 5 system interacts with the driver’s profile to adjust seating position, mirror placement, and temperature. Do you know what this means? No more fighting over the heating system or who plays the next song! The driver has the controls, so you can switch to any user profile with a single touch. Make an appointment with our dealership in Kindersley to test the Uconnect® 5 infotainment system to experience personalized driving.