2022 Jeep Cherokee – Full-Color in-Cluster Customizable Digital Display in Saskatchewan

December 8,2022

The new 2022 Jeep Cherokee is known for its innovative features, but the most exciting upgrade in this new model is the full-color in-cluster customizable display. This allows drivers to customize the information they want to see right in their line of sight, reducing the need to spend time looking at the vehicle's center console or other displays. The digital cluster has customizable display settings: a basic display shows speed and rpm; an advanced custom menu can be used to show multiple gauges; and a customizable menu can show anything from navigation, audio, and phone information to the vehicle's temperature. The driver can choose different options for each of these preferences using the 2022 Jeep Cherokee infotainment system. The 2022 Jeep Cherokee digital cluster can be set up based on the driver's preferences and needs. For example, drivers can choose to have the fuel economy readout always visible, or they can set it, so the display only appears when they push the "mpg" button on the steering wheel. The 2022 Jeep Cherokee in-cluster customizable display is not only full color but also incredibly high resolution, which means that text and images are incredibly crisp and legible even from across the cabin. Drivers will never have to worry about squinting to see their dashboard again. Contact us at Energy Dodge for more details about the full-color in-cluster customizable digital display in the 2022 Jeep Cherokee.