2022 Jeep Cherokee – Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking in Fairmount

December 20,2022

The technology in the 2022 Jeep Cherokee is nothing short of amazing. The new vehicle comes standard with a forward collision warning with an active braking system, which can detect when the vehicle is getting too close to the car in front of it and automatically apply the brakes if needed. This system will also work in conjunction with adaptive cruise control. Both these features are designed to help prevent accidents and do so without interfering with the driver's control of the car. This technology is already available on some cars today and can prevent a crash from even happening. It uses sensors to detect when your vehicle might be heading toward an object or person in front of it and alerts the driver. Then, if the driver does not take action, it will automatically brake to stop you from crashing into whatever is in front of you. The 2022 Jeep Cherokee forward collision warning with an active braking system works best at lower speeds because it will only apply a minimum amount of braking power to avoid tipping the car over or risking injury to passengers if the crash happens at higher speeds. It is not meant as a substitute for traditional safety measures like seat belts or other means of preventing crashes from occurring in the first place, but it is still a great way to avoid accidents once they have started. Contact us at Energy Dodge for more details about the forward collision warning with the active braking system in the 2022 Jeep Cherokee.