2022 Ford Ranger FordPass

November 15,2022

Ford is a leading automobile manufacturer known for continually innovating its vehicles with new features. The 2022 Ford Ranger comes equipped with support for the FordPass app which allows you to control and monitor numerous things about your vehicle. The first thing you can do once you have your FordPass app installed on your phone is start/stop and lock/unlock your vehicle. You can even schedule it to start your vehicle at a certain time. This is perfect if you want your 2022 Ford Ranger to get warmed up for a few minutes before taking it out on a chilly winter morning. The FordPass app also lets you locate your vehicle so you can be sure you will never lose track of it in a parking lot ever again. This unique app also provides important alerts about your vehicle’s health. So if your tire pressure is low or your engine needs an oil change, it will instantly let you know. You can also check fuel levels remotely to help plan your journeys better. The FordPass app makes life with your 2022 Ford Ranger much easier even when you aren’t actively driving your vehicle. To find out more about the 2022 Ford Ranger, please visit the Energy Dodge dealership.