2022 Ford Bronco Trail Toolbox

November 21,2022

Maintaining control of your off road vehicle in different conditions can be tricky. Even experienced drivers occasionally run into issues in such environments. The good news is that the 2022 Ford Bronco has many Trainbox add-ons to help you maintain stability and control while offroading. The Trail Control add-on is compatible with 2022 Ford Bronco vehicles with automatic transmission. This special feature is a cruise-control setting for driving through trails at low speeds. It removes the stress associated with constantly accelerating and braking in off road settings. The Trail Turn Assist helps drivers by lowering the vehicle’s turn radius in technically challenging off road environments. This helps prevent oversteering by applying a negative torque to the vehicle’s rear wheel when a turn is initiated. The Trail 1-Pedal Drive is a unique feature that helps traversing low-speed technically challenging environments less tedious. When this mode is engaged, you can accelerate using the accelerator pedal and brake by simply letting it go. This saves you the trouble of having to constantly shift between the accelerator and the brake pedal while driving. All the above Trail Toolbox features are perfect for anyone who wants to make their off-roading experience more comfortable without reducing the thrill that off-roading brings. Find out more about the 2022 Ford Bronco by visiting the Energy Dodge dealership.